LOYALTY MEMBERSHIP LINKS: ACCOUNT STORE JOIN (Please note: this option requires stored credit)

(Please read Membership Policies listed after Membership Descriptions)

ONE of our three MEMBERSHIP options:

1. “GUEST”: Pay as you go

Access to our farm store - No commitments - FRESHLY HARVESTED TO ORDER



2. “FARMER’S CHOICE”: $480 commitment 16 weeks = $30/week

Payment Plan options:

1. In full

2. Monthly payment plan: (3 installments of $160) or (6 installments of $80 / month) with first monthly payment starting at sign-up. Please note: the six month payment is only available as an early-bird signup and is not available after January 1st. All plans must be paid in full before Deliveries begin (by June 1st).

-An automatic WEEKLY delivery of a variety of freshly harvested vegetables

thoughtfully chosen by FARMER CHRIS

- $30 weekly value for 17 weeks

- Customizable (no kale this week; no problem. No Kale ever: no problem!)

- Free delivery to a pickup location

- Priority availability - some items in Farmer’s Choice may not be accessible from the store

- Unlimited holds (Away this week: no problem!)

-Pickup and store closing reminders

3. “CUSTOMIZER”: $480 16 weeks Payment Plan Options

- A fully customized box by you with your access to farm store items: minimum $20 per delivery

Same membership benefits and payment plan options as the above “FARMER’S CHOICE”

EXCEPT ————- You must manually submit/customize your orders every week by the deadline

-Suitable for those who want to purchase bulk amounts of produce rather than the ongoing commitment of receiving a weekly box of vegetables. Calling all fermenters, dryers, and canners of summer bounty! 

-This option is also suitable for those who have gardens but would still like to stock up on items that they do not grow or when their garden stops production.


Why join?

Think of it as hiring us, the farmers, in advance to grow your food. This option directly supports the farm by providing funds that can be used at the beginning of the season. We purchase seeds and inputs early in the year and the costs of operation begin well before the crops are producing. Members help ensure that the farmer has a smooth running spring when costs are high and income is nil.

In exchange, you will be given priority access to fresh produce and free delivery to one of our pickup locations. What savy customers know is that food bought directly from farmers is the freshest, most nutritious and best tasting option out there.

This option is similar to a traditional CSA model. However, our memberships differ in that you can fully customize your weekly orders or have the farmer choose for you, place your delivery to a pickup location on hold for any week you choose or add additional items. Membership credits are stored within your ONE LOVE FARM Accounts and only expire at the end of the delivery season for that year.


(can be subject to change)


-Abbotsford Central: 11am-7pm

-Abbotsford South: 11am-7pm

-Hope Central: 11:45am-4:45pm

-We are currently looking to add more Vancouver drop off locations

-Riley Park Farmers’ Market

-University of British Columbia Farmer’s Market


-Lillooet Central: 10:15-4:45 pm Abundance Bakery


-Lillooet Farmer’s Market: 8:30-1:00pm


-Farm pickup 10am-2pm

If enough interest is acquired, new pickup locations can be arranged between Lillooet, our farm location, and Vancouver, including the Squamish/Pemberton/Whistler route and down through the Fraser Valley.

                            Exact location and pickup details will be released within membership accounts.

      Are you interested in hosting a pickup location for the full season in an area that is not offered? Please email us at onelovefarm.lillooet@gmail.com with the subject heading: "New Location?".


Before registering, please thoroughly read our membership policy below. Once you register as a member, you agree to follow the policies outlined below and to keep informed by reading the weekly newsletter for any important announcements that could be missed otherwise.

Member Participation:

It is very important that members read all correspondence in order to be active participants in the program. We try to minimize the amount of emails members receive. There are weekly helpful reminders which can be turned off from member’s own accounts if preferred. Additionally, there are important updates regarding when the program is ready to begin, end of season information and necessary communication throughout: all will be minimal but necessary to read in order for the program to run smoothly.

Store credit:

Any credit for the farming year must be used by the end of the farming season and is non-refundable. Credit becomes available for use once the farm begins to harvest their first crops for delivery. Members will be notified once items are available and a variety of items will be available on a weekly basis during the delivery season. Members can add more store credit to their accounts or extra items to their weekly orders. 

Membership funds are used up early in the year to cover the costs of farming and seeds are purchased and grown to provide a variety of quality produce to members. Therefore, there are no actual stored funds that can be refunded because it has already been spent on members when they commit for the year.

Forgotten orders:

Life is busy and sometimes one can forget to pick up an order. To help, we can make sure no food goes to waste by donating to a local charity if no one comes to pick up your order during the pre-arranged pickup times.


We pride ourselves on growing, harvesting and delivering high-quality and fresh produce to our members. Please promptly contact us if you have any issues or concerns about any produce you receive and we will do our best to address them before the following weekly drop-off. We are committed to ensuring you receive the best possible produce. Please note, the quality of your order is best at pickup times. Any deterioration of quality due to late pickup is the member’s responsibility.

Often, farms offer lower pricing for seconds: vegetables that are still fresh and nutritious but that don’t fit the perfection category. We will communicate this as a clear option on our farm store so you will know what to expect when you are ordering.

Gifting Store Credit:

Although refunds aren’t available, there are items at the farm store which would make great gifts as a way to use up your store credit: Summer Harvest Canning/Fermenting Share: designed for those who like to can, freeze, ferment or dry summer crops in bulk amounts: for example, canning tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, carrots, green beans, cabbage. Or Fall Storage Shares: for those who like to stock up for winter with onions, shallots, garlic, carrots, beets, potatoes, and winter squash. Notifications will be sent out to the membership account or through our newsletter about when seasonal items are available for these shares. Original Members are still responsible for arranging pickup of produce delivered at pre-arranged locations.


By registering as members, you agree to pick up your orders from the pre-arranged locations on time. Orders must completed by the weekly cut-off time in order to be ready and processed for delivery on time. If you need someone to pickup your order for you, please arrange for this on your own and have them pick up only your order. When picking up, If you don’t see your member ID or name, there is a reason. Please contact us so we can get to the bottom of it for you. Please do not grab or go through anyone else’s orders present at the pickup location. If, in the unlikely event that you accidentally grabbed the wrong order, please contact us immediately and, if possible, promptly return it to the pickup location or help deliver it to the person who the order belongs to.

Accuracy of Orders:

Please double check your orders before submitting them by the weekly deadline. After this date, orders are final and may have already been harvested by the time you realize you want to change it. If you notice there is an error and that you have been delivered something you did not order or if something is missing on pickup, please be gracious and let us fully make up for the mistake. If items are unavailable, despite showing as available on the online store, due to situations out of our control (quality control issue due to weather, wild animals, nature etc) we will do our best to fill the order in whatever way we can or make it up to you the following week. For example, this may mean substituting one type of lettuce for another. We will do our best to communicate any discrepancies and are committed to making sure you receive full value for your Membership Commitment. Please understand that nature can be unpredictable and that Members share the risk with the farm.

Farm Risk:

We have many years of farming experience and are confident Members will receive full and high-quality value for their Membership Commitments. However, there still exists the very rare and unforeseeable chance that nature, with her natural disasters, could interfere with our plans and prevent us from fulfilling credits. This has never happened in our history of farming. Ultimately, Farm Members, in support of small local farms, agree to take on these risks by signing up as Members.

By signing up for a membership, please note that you are agreeing to the terms and conditions mentioned on this page.

Thank you for your interest. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns: onelovefarm.lillooet@gmail.com