Where can I buy One Love organic produce?

  1. -Saturdays at Vancouver's Riley Park Farmer's Market: 10am-2pm. Produce can be pre-ordered through our farm store or purchased on site.
  2. -Our Online Farm Store. Check out our Farm Membership Page for more information on how to access our online Farm Store. Currently, we have pickup locations in Abbotsford and Vancouver. However, we are looking to add more drop off locations between our farm just outside of Lillooet and Vancouver: through the Fraser Valley and Sea-to-Sky. Let us know if you know of a possible great drop-off site.

How do I place my order?

Just like the farmers market, add items to your basket online, choose a pickup location/time and, once done, move to secure payment options. In this case, the term the early bird gets the worm rings true. Supplies are limited; the first to order has the greatest chance of acquiring what is available.

*We do our best to predict what yields our farm will produce. However, weather and other environmental factors can delay or speed up produce availability. Therefore, our weekly fresh sheet is an approximation of what we will have available but can not guarantee what quantities or produce will make it to market

Do I need to become a member to order through your store?

Although memberships are required due to logistics of organizing pickup locations and contact information, we offer three types of memberships. Our Guest Memberships require no prepayment. See our Membership page for more information.

Where and what time do I pick up my order?

Your order can be picked up at one of our pick-up locations/times mentioned on our membership page. Once you create your member account, you will be given the full and  complete address for your location of choice. If you are interested in adding a location, please contact us with a description of the location in mind. Currently, we deliver to our pick-up sites on Tuesdays and Saturdays during the farm season.

When can we visit the farm?

For any farm visits, please call ahead of time to arrange for a visit. We are a three hour drive from our old Abbotsford farm location. In case we forget to mention, please note that Russet the farm dog will be on duty.

As a part of its growth plan, One Love Farm plans to provide comfortable glamping accommodations for their future guests during the farming season. Currently, they are unable to provide lodging for any visitors at this time.

Why is organic worth supporting?

Although organic has more labour costs which make prices higher than conventional produce, the old sayings, “you pay for what you get and you are what you eat,” ring true. Studies have consistently shown that trace amounts of pesticides and other harmful chemical substances linger in the soil and are absorbed by plants and ultimately by our bodies. Organic means more than just healthier: it tastes better, supports a healthier planet and contains higher nutritional values.

Buying organic makes you a part of the organic movement, where people make a difference by not supporting harmful farming practices with their hard earned money.

Buying in bulk and canning, freezing, fermenting, root cellaring etc or splitting orders with family are great ways to reduce food costs if you don’t have time for your own garden.